Human Pt. 1 : Remain

from by Saul Castillo



Just take a moment to take a closer look around, and see the life that’s being robbed from your own hands.
Wake up, leave your mistakes behind, believe in your self through all. Glory comes to those who remain within.
What of the things that you have promised us through time? We’ve come to trust to in every way we can. You cannot desert us now, who we will run to when all is gone and lost?

Strip the mechanics that live inside, become aware of your humanistic natural flaws.
Let go of the pain that lives inside.
I have awakened, I am aware of what I am.

And when the only thing you see is the light, you stripped my soul and placed my life in your hands.
Taking the colors of the world, replacing life with artificial thought. These alterations of the mind leaving us to wonder, lonely and distraught.

Light my path, teach me to live inside this hell inside my mind.
Don’t leave me in silence, as I begin to lose control. Don’t try to forget this, I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done

Inside my mind I find the strength that was foretold, as it will bring us together. Destroying systems that have failed us. And it will bring us together.


from The Individual EP, released December 26, 2016
Written, Tracked and Produced by Saul Castillo
Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Greg Hinck At Chop Harder Studios



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Saul Castillo Austin, Texas

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