The Individual

from by Saul Castillo



The taste of deceit flows bitter within our minds ironic enough and difficult to forget. We swallow our pride ignoring the consequences
Alone and corrupt our lives are becoming, the end that is coming.
So who in this world can we go run to when no one has a clue?
When all but doubt is all we know?
A million faces of pain, regret lost light. Become oblivious to all that’s right.

Have we’ve had enough? This is where it ends because I know I can’t go on living in world where truth’s withdrawn.
Run, run as fast as you can, escaping the fear that you’ve brought. So stubborn a person could be, their minds dwell in fear and regret. A shadow that lingers within.

And it’s there to see it but not with eyes. To feel like a lonely soul in a sea of wrong. So what we seek is, it’s brought by lust not heart.

I dug into my core to find the missing pieces I’m truly looking for and it took ages to hide the truth the systems running our lives. Deception is what we know, it dwells within our minds.

Have you ever felt like the only one who thinks a certain way and no one understands? Seems like things just don’t convince.
Living a life of regret is not an option yet, some lights are not out, we live in an age where we could live without.
Yet everything lives in our minds, it’s all because of us and all that we’ve done. The damage, the wars and the lies that we’ve eaten through the years.

Embracing the rules of this world, the empty sound of words of promises said, a shallow phrase is hard to take. And realize that we can be free, and live a simple life where heart rules it all, and no one to follow to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong we’ll just know, we are that strong.
Living a life of regret is not an option yet.


from The Individual EP, released December 26, 2016
Written, Tracked and Produced by Saul Castillo
Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Greg Hinck At Chop Harder Studios



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Saul Castillo Austin, Texas

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